Arctic meteorology

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Accurate and timely weather forecasts and weather consulting services for high-latitude regions including Alaska, Yukon, the Northwest Territories, and Nunavut are not that easy to locate. The shear vastness of the Arctic region leads to a sparse data network. Surface weather observations are few and far between north of 60N latitude. Weather satellites, which give a near continuous look at cloud patterns and the motion of weather systems throughout most of the world are completely cut off just north of the Arctic Circle. Some specialized weather satellites do offer service over the Arctic, however these satellite passes are limited to only a handful of images per day. Weather radar is completely absent over the Canadian Arctic while our weather models routinely have the greatest errors over higher latitudes due to the limited inputs over the region. These technological limitations combined with an industry shortage of Arctic meteorological specialists make it difficult to obtain meteorological support for this diverse region.

True North Weather Consulting specializes in Arctic Meteorology. We have worked with interests in the Mackenzie Gas Pipeline in developing a comprehensive climatology along the proposed pipeline route. We have provided meteorological support to a wide variety of projects including the construction of remote landing pads and staging areas, the maintenance of winter roads, and services in support of drilling and mining. Our support has ranged from operational one-on-one daily weather briefings, daily site-specific weather forecasts, and 15-day outlooks, to in-depth climate studies.

Our clients have relied on our daily products to ensure the safety of their on-site crews and to ensure smooth operations through adverse weather conditions. Timely and accurate forecasts for remote regions can spell the difference between life and death, success or failure, and profit or loss.

Our longer term forecasts are well suited for planning and logistics support while our climate reports are often used in support of impact studies and to secure funding, as well as aiding engineers and design teams in developing the most cost-effective and “weather proof” solutions.

True North has been the vendor of choice of the Government of the Northwest Territories since 1999 for the provision of weather forecasts and meteorological consultation in support of their forest fire suppression program. GNWT also utilizes our services in support of many aerial photography missions.

If your company is operating in the Arctic, we can help you. Whether your operations are on the land, in the air, or at sea, True North Weather Consulting is the recognized name of choice for high latitude meteorological support.

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