forest fire meteorology

True North Weather Consulting Inc. has extensive experience in providing forecast and meteorological consultation services to the forest management industry. From the provision of daily fire weather forecasts and briefings, to the production of expert products and consultations during critical and sensitive wildfire situations, to reports, analysis, training materials, and expert testimony, our proven track record will ensure that your organization receives top-notch, industry-leading service.

Operational Fire Weather Forecasts and Services

Since 1999, True North Weather Consulting has provided forest fire meteorological services to the Government of the Northwest Territories. Our services have included daily and spot weather forecasts throughout the fire season, fire weather training, a variety of seasonal and “on request” reports, and general meteorological consultation. It has been our goal through the term of each contract to produce high quality forecasts, reports, and consultations in an efficient and trustworthy manner.

The following is a sample of some of the fire weather products True North has produced:

Fire Weather Training

With over 20 years of experience in fire weather forecasting and training, True North Weather Consulting’s Beverly J. Archibald has become a nationally recognized expert in the field of Fire Weather. She is the developer/author of “Weather For Fire Operations”, an intermediate 4-day training course which has been adapted for use by several Provinces and Territories in Canada. This course is aimed at fire managers including provincial/regional duty officers. Ms. Archibald has taught over 300 forest fire managers and fire suppression specialists across Canada. She is held in very high regard for her engaging teaching style and her skill in organizing interactive, efficient, and informative courses and workshops.

In addition to “Weather For Fire Operations”, True North has also developed and delivered a wide variety of forest-fire related training courses and lectures. From simple, elementary topics geared toward lower educational levels, to the training of technical school and university graduates and new meteorological recruits, True North is a recognized leader in Fire Weather training in Canada. We would be pleased to assist you in furthering your organization’s understanding fire weather by developing training materials specifically targeted at your audience.

Expert Witness – Forest Fire Meteorology

Beverly J. Archibald has acted as an expert witness in a number of multi-million dollar litigations regarding loss due to wildfire. As many of our clients have discovered, Ms. Archibald’s in-depth understanding of atmospheric processes and their interaction with the fire environment, combined with her many years of operational fire weather forecasting experience will give your team a decided edge in the courtroom. Her expert reports have not only been well received amongst the counsel she has been retained by, but opposing counsel has often, unexpectedly, provided positive comments regarding Beverly’s reports.

Services for the Forest Industry

In addition to providing services to government agencies, True North Weather Consulting can also provide valuable weather information to the forest industry. For instance, sensitivity to air quality issues is an important consideration when industry interfaces with the community-at-large. The burning of large areas of woody debris, especially in the winter months, can seriously affect the air quality of a region. Smoke is a by-product of incomplete combustion. There is no way of eliminating smoke from a fire beyond the quick and complete extinguishing of the fire itself. While wildfire smoke cannot be eliminated, it can be reasonably well predicted.